Zinc drops

✓ high bioavailability, since our ionic zinc sulphate is available as a liquid solution of the highest quality.
✓ contributes to a normal acid-base metabolism, normal protein synthesis and many other positive health effects!
✓ free of any additives, genetic engineering or animal products, vegan & suitable for everyone!
✓ your daily trace element for a healthy body!

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Strengthen your immune system with our zinc drops: your key to optimal health and well-being!

Experience the extraordinary benefits of our zinc drops and unleash the power of a strong immune system! We have had these drops carefully manufactured in Germany to provide a highly bioavailable source of zinc. No matter how old you are or what lifestyle you lead, our zinc drops support your immune system, promote cell health and help you be successful in all areas of life.

🌿 Pure and effective: Our ionic zinc is made with great care from high-quality ingredients to ensure the purity and effectiveness of every single drop. We believe in an excellent product that maximizes the benefits of zinc. You can trust that our drops optimally support your immune system.

💪 Immune system support: Strengthen your immune system with the concentrated power of zinc. This essential mineral plays a crucial role in supporting your immune function and maintaining your body's defenses against harmful pathogens. Look forward to a robust and resilient immune system!

💚 Cellular Health: Zinc is involved in numerous cellular processes and is essential for optimal growth, development and healing. It supports the health of your cells throughout your body and promotes overall well-being from within. You can look forward to a vital and thriving body!

🧠 Cognitive Function: Zinc sulfate is also important for your cognitive function and maintaining a healthy brain. It supports neurotransmitter activity, aids in memory formation and contributes to mental clarity. Enjoy the benefits of a sharp and focused mind!

🌱 General Wellbeing: Zinc offers a variety of additional benefits for your overall health. It aids in healthy digestion, supports hormonal balance, promotes healthy skin and helps maintain good vision. Care for your body inside and out!

⚡️ Energy and Vitality: Ionic zinc plays a key role in energy metabolism and helps convert food into energy. Make sure your body has the energy it needs to overcome daily challenges and live a life full of vitality.

🍃 Simple and convenient: Our zinc drops can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. Simply take the recommended dose by mouth or add it to your favorite drink. Thanks to their liquid form, the drops are easy to administer and are quickly absorbed by the body.

📑 Recipe tip: Refine your favorite smoothie with a portion of zinc. Mix a ripe banana, a handful of spinach, a scoop of protein powder and up to 10 drops of our zinc sulfate.

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Zinc is an essential trace element required for various important functions in the human body. It supports the immune system, promotes cell division and growth, is involved in protein formation and contributes to the health of the sensory organs. Zinc also plays a role in skin health, reproduction and fertility, and carbohydrate metabolism.

The effects of zinc deficiency include impaired immune system, which increases the risk of infections, and skin problems such as rashes, dry skin and eczema. A zinc deficiency can lead to stunted growth and developmental delays, especially in children. It can also lead to taste and smell disorders, hair loss, fatigue and weakness.

Not only the body, but also mood and behavior can be affected by a zinc deficiency. People with zinc deficiency may be more prone to mood changes, anxiety and depression. In addition, zinc deficiency can affect fertility in both men and women.

There are no mechanisms in the body that allow zinc to be formed. It is only available through food and, if necessary, dietary supplements. Zinc absorption occurs primarily through the intestines, and excess zinc is excreted in the urine.

The reason zinc cannot be stored in the body for a long time is because it is continuously used in various processes. Zinc is an important component of enzymes involved in many biochemical reactions. It plays a crucial role in protein synthesis, cell division, immune system, wound healing, carbohydrate metabolism and other functions.

The role of zinc in acid-base metabolism depends on its function as a cofactor for various enzymes. Enzymes are proteins that speed up and regulate chemical reactions in the body. Certain enzymes important for acid-base balance require zinc as a cofactor to function properly.

An example of this is carbonic anhydrase, an enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O) to carbonic acid (H2CO3). Carbonic acid is a weak acid present in the blood that regulates the transport of CO2 from tissues to the lungs and the release of CO2 via respiration. Zinc is an essential component of carbonic anhydrase and therefore plays an indirect role in regulating acid-base balance.

In addition, zinc is also involved in other metabolic pathways that help maintain acid-base balance. Among other things, it influences the regulation of ion channels and transporters, which are important for the exchange of ions such as sodium (Na+), potassium (K+), calcium (Ca2+) and hydrogen ions (H+) between cells and the extracellular space.

This is where the pH value in the body is regulated. The pH value is a measure of the acidic or basic character of a solution and can vary from 0 to 14. A pH of 7 is considered neutral, while values ​​below 7 are acidic and values ​​above 7 are basic.

In acid-base metabolism, the body works to maintain the pH of blood and other body fluids within a narrow range, usually between 7.35 and 7.45. A balanced acid-base balance is crucial for the proper functioning of many vital processes in the body - zinc plays an important role in this.

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Einfache Anwendung mit der Pipette. Ich nehme es immer zu dieser Jahreszeit und bin deutlich weniger anfällig für erkältungsbedingte Krankheiten. Der Geschmack ist etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig, aber viel Wasser hilft.