These words are shorthand for the many thoughts, wishes and ideas that lie behind our philosophy, our motivations and this project in general. It started with our own health, each of us had our problems and aches and pains, who doesn't know it. I (Engin) have a sickly intestine, the intestinal flora is no longer in balance & he has also developed a non-alcohol-related fatty liver (like unfortunately around 25% of all Germans). Benny was and still is often hyperacidic and often had heartburn as a result, and his sleep and regeneration after exercise were not good. And much more, that was the path we have taken for the last 7-8 years and longer. Small changes were made every now and then, nothing was really implemented permanently and so there was no improvement for a long time.

The path back to health

Even though Benny is undoubtedly fitter and physically healthier than me (Engin), we were both missing a lot. This can be broken down into three main things.

1. What does our body need? What is out of balance?

2. Where do I get all of this? Order from 10 different shops?

3. Consistency - create healthy and useful routines in your everyday life

Of course we cannot, may not and do not want to provide health advice here, but let it be said: a lack of essential substances for years can weaken the body and make you sick. It can make you susceptible to illnesses that may have nothing to do with the deficiency. Consequently, such questions should, if possible, be discussed with a specialist in advance. A comprehensive blood test could provide information here; in our case, for example, this test revealed the vitamin D3 deficiency, which is unfortunately also widespread.

Now with this knowledge you can let off steam with us. Our long-term goal is to offer you ONE platform on which you can find almost all of the important dietary supplements, super foods and supplements for athletes. No more browsing through 6 different shops, no more uncertainty as to whether the quality meets your requirements or whether everything is checked and safe. We would like to become your personal contact point in the long term.

Last but not least, your will and ambition are required, whether as an athlete with top performance ambitions or as a normal person who wants to bring his body back into balance and health. It takes your discipline for lasting routines & useful habits. Taking your capsules, tablets and drops in the morning every day, 360 days a day, has to be internalized; it doesn't happen overnight, but it's important to understand that just taking 2-3 capsules a year isn't enough. We would be happy to accompany you on this path and support you as best we can, because we are also on the same path as you and have the same goal, our & YOUR HEALTH - OUR DRIVE!

With lots of love from the VITALIUM team :-)

In harmony with body & nature

Don't forget your mind and soul!

With attention to every detail

It's often the little things!

Sustainable & well thought out

With the environment in mind!

Always there for you

Just an email away! :-)

The people behind the philosophy

If you don't know us yet, we are Benny & Engin and the founding team behind VITALIUM and on this page you can find out more about us and the team. Please stop by and get to know us a little.

Get to know us!

Attention to detail & closeness to nature

There is a huge selection of online shops and platforms for shopping these days and the options are constantly growing - almost no matter what products you are looking for. In this ever-present change, we would like to go back to the roots and do things simply but well. No fancy & freaky commercials or ultra gaudy postings.

We carefully turn back to nature, the womb & cradle of this world. We bring the highest quality raw materials obtained using gentle processes, in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging possible, to the online store counter and, if you like, to your home.

Every day we try to fall more in love with new details of this journey and this world and work on constantly becoming a little bit better and leaving a positive impression in this world.