The 5 pillars for our best

Our quality promise is based on 5 pillars as the cornerstones so that we can offer you the highest quality, healthy & sustainable products that meet both your and our requirements. True to the motto - my body is my temple & I only allow useful & good things into it. Let us explain these 5 pillars to you in detail:

Raw material quality

Every promise of quality and every high demand placed on a product begins and ends with the quality of the selected raw materials from which the end product is ultimately obtained. Our claim is and remains the following:

  • as natural & unprocessed as possible, always free of any additives (see point 3)
  • in organic quality if possible, definitely always completely controlled quality and origin
  • always vegan, so that everyone can use our products, whether you are vegan or not (more on this in the next point)
  • We only consider selected suppliers; they are carefully checked, because how you make your bed is how you lie

Sustainable & vegan - for the sake of our world

For us, a high-quality raw material goes hand in hand with two things at the same time:

  1. it is vegan so that every person (no matter how he or she eats) can use our finished product
  2. It has been carefully produced, harvested and processed in order to have as little impact on the environment as possible - we are of course aware that it is almost impossible these days not to leave an impact.

However, we would like to compensate for this in other ways, on the one hand by only producing and offering products that we are absolutely convinced that they offer absolutely great and important added value for people and animals (coming soon) and on the other hand because we use the proceeds We will do even more good things behind the scenes from this project - and you contribute to this with every purchase from us, so a big thank you from all of us!

Free of additives

Nowadays this point is certainly no longer unknown or new to you, but it is still extremely important to consider, especially in the area of ​​sports supplements and supposed super foods.

We do not use any unwanted additives, flavor enhancers, GMOs or colorings in our products. All colors and taste of the products can be traced back to the original and natural raw materials as well as the form of processing. Here we always choose the gentlest and most sensible form where possible in order to preserve all the good substances in the raw material and process them into a healthy and useful dietary supplement.

Benefits for your body

As you may have already noticed, the previous points build on each other in a certain way. If the raw materials and quality are right and they are free of additives, the next logical step for us is that the products made from them have the greatest possible benefit for your body - that is, they should be as bioavailable as possible. This means that your body can absorb (absorb) the important ingredients such as vitamin C in acerola powder better, more easily and, above all, more of them. For us, it is also important to create added value for you compared to common products on the market.

Environmentally friendly packaging

We use so-called kraft paper bags (doypacks) for all products that are manufactured as powders, tablets or capsules, which are then printed and sealed after filling. We think this packaging is great because it is partly made from recycled paper and does not contain any toxic or environmentally harmful substances like other packaging, which mostly consists of aluminum and various plastic compounds and is unfortunately absolutely the opposite of environmentally friendly.

You can safely dispose of our packaging in household waste.