Cat's Claw Powder

✓ highest quality - obtained from the inner bark of the liana from the rainforests of Peru!
✓ Contains natural antioxidants to protect the immune system.
✓ The finely ground powder is ideal for tasty herbal teas or cold drinks such as smoothies.
✓ free of any additives, genetic engineering or animal products, vegan & suitable for everyone!
✓ your daily antioxidant for a healthy immune system!

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4,65€ / 100 g


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Improve your well-being with natural antioxidants from cat's claw!

Discover the power of Cat's Claw:
🌿 Pure and high quality: Our finely ground raw food quality powder is carefully selected and processed to ensure high quality.

🌞 Natural Support: Cat's Claw is known to contain natural compounds that can gently support your well-being.

💚 Harmony for your digestion: Cat's claw is ideal as a base for a tasty herbal tea and is therefore good for your inner well-being.

🌱 General Vitality: Cat's claw is known to contain natural antioxidants that can help protect the immune system. Feel vital and energetic.

🎉 Simple and convenient: It's easy to incorporate the variety of antioxidants into your daily routine. For uncomplicated use, use cat's claw powder to prepare teas, smoothies and other cold drinks.

📑 Recipe Tip: Experiment with different recipes and add a pinch of cat's claw powder to add an interesting twist to your food and drinks. It is particularly suitable for brewing a relaxing tea.

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Cat's claw, scientifically known as Uncaria tomentosa, grows mainly in the rainforests of Central and South America. It is native to several countries in the region, including Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and others. The plant is a species of liana that climbs up trees and clings to them with its claw-like tendrils. The bark and roots of cat's claw contain the bioactive compounds responsible for its medicinal properties. The indigenous peoples of the region have used cat's claw in their traditional medicine for centuries and have valued it as a medicinal plant. Due to its growing popularity, cat's claw has also become known outside of South America as a food supplement and in herbal medicine.

The inner bark of the Unaria tomentosa plant is used for our powder. These parts of the plant contain a variety of bioactive compounds and belong to the genus Redaceae. The liana-like plant has a long tradition as a cultivated plant among the Peruvian natives. They have valued cat's claw for centuries because it contains, among other things, antioxidants such as polyphenols and triterpenes.

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