Creatine powder

✓ 100% pure & pure creatine monohydrate of the best quality!
✓ absolutely tasteless, great for shakes & juices!
✓ can effectively support you in muscle building.
✓ free of any additives, genetic engineering or animal products, vegan & suitable for everyone!
✓ your daily dose of creatine for optimal training results!

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Unleash your inner strength with our creatine powder: the ultimate powerhouse for you!

Get your training going at full speed and reach your full potential with our high-quality creatine powder! This dynamic formula is designed to increase your strength, improve muscle performance and generate explosive power. No matter your fitness goals or training plan, our combination of L-Arginine, Glycine and L-Methionine is there to boost your training and help you achieve your goals.

Unleash the full power of creatine:
🌿 Pure and powerful: Our pure creatine is made with the utmost care from the highest quality ingredients to guarantee you the purity and potency of every serving. We believe we deliver a premium blend that maximizes your results and provides your body with the best nutrients. Experience the true power of creatine.

💪 Increased strength: Our creatine monohydrate is the ideal companion for you. It increases ATP production and supplies your muscles with the energy they need. Work harder, lift heavier weights and reach new levels of strength - this is how you unleash your newfound strength.

⚡️ Explosive Power: Give your explosive movements the drive you need and maximize your power output with our 100% pure creatine monohydrate. It helps increase phosphocreatine levels in your muscles, allowing you to experience quick and explosive bursts of energy. Feel the rapid acceleration, increase your speed and master every sporting challenge.

💥 Improved muscle performance: Increase your endurance and stamina with our creatine. It reduces muscle fatigue, delays the onset of muscle soreness and improves your general muscle performance. Premature exhaustion is a thing of the past, so you can look forward to longer training sessions and greater success.

🔋 Faster recovery: After an intense workout, your muscles deserve the best support for recovery. Our powder supports muscle recovery, promotes faster healing and reduces muscle damage.

☯️ Versatile and practical: integrating our tasteless creatine powder into your routine is child's play. Mix it into your favorite pre-workout drink, add it to a protein-rich smoothie, or simply shake it with water.

📑 Recipe tip: Push your training in advance with an energy-rich Creatine Power Shake! Mix one scoop of our creatine monohydrate with your favorite protein powder, a ripe banana, a handful of oats and milk of your choice. This delicious blend will energize your muscles, boost your performance and prepare you for your workout.

Answer questions

Yes, you can also take creatine powder on your rest days to maintain creatine levels in your muscles. It is not necessary to take a larger amount on these days.

No, water retention caused by creatine is usually not harmful. Water retention is caused by increased water retention in the muscles, which can lead to temporary weight gain. This effect is normal and is called creatine-induced weight gain. It is important to drink enough water to keep the body well hydrated. If you stop taking it, the water will also disappear from your body.

Creatine monohydrate is the most commonly used and researched form of creatine as a dietary supplement. It consists of creatine molecules combined with a water molecule (hydrate) to increase the stability and shelf life of the powder. When people talk about "creatine" as a food supplement, they usually mean creatine monohydrate.

It may make sense to take monohydrate creatine in addition to natural sources if you want to increase your athletic performance and muscle strength. Monohydrate creatine is a well-researched and effective dietary supplement that can improve physical performance during short-term, high-intensity activities such as weight lifting or sprinting. It is recommended to take 3-5 grams of creatine monohydrate daily for optimal results.

Taking creatine monohydrate before or after training is most effective as it is then quickly absorbed by the muscles. It can be mixed with water or a carbohydrate-rich drink to improve absorption.

The duration of use may vary depending on a person's goals and needs.

Some people take creatine monohydrate for longer periods of time and go through so-called "loading phases" in which they take a higher dose for the first few days, followed by a "maintenance phase" in which a lower dose is taken. Others take creatine continuously at lower doses without using a loading phase.

Feel free to contact our support team at any time using the contact form and you will receive an answer as soon as possible! :)

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Customer Reviews

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Kommt gut in shake

Ich misch es in den Shake, Qualität finde ich gut, kann mit den großen mithalten mein ich.

Enes A.

Bestellung für Geschmacksneutrales Kreatin. Kreatin kann nicht gut in Wasser gelöst werden, weshalb kein kaltes Wasser verwendet werden sollte. Die Wirkung nach der Ladephase ist wie es sein sollte, stark steigernd.